“The strongest actions for a woman are to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could.”


When I showed my Mexican mom my pictures and told her about the purpose for my blog, she hesitantly approved by saying, “Esta bien, pero no vayas ha ensenar las chichis ni la panocha.” I Laughed!   I love hearing that word “Panocha” I also love the variations of that word in our Spanish! El Pan!  Pan caliente, pan dulce, la Pepa, La Pulpa, Uuuuuuuyyyy!  At the market, I read  “Large Panocha 89 cents a lb”. How sexy that they chose to use Panocha instead of Piloncio?!  That produce guy is a Chicano Dirtybag, de seguro!.   

“Okay madre!” I agreed, “No voy ha ensenar chichis ni panocha”, but in my mind I was thinking, she didn’t say anything about NALGAS! LOL! I know, what a dirtbag I am, but it’s nothing dirty at all! Everyone I know loves NALGAS!  So I'm going to fill my house with Nalgas and share my Nalgas with you!   Porque ha quien no le gusta una buena NALGA!


and hey! Know your power, "PANOCHA POWER"!


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 …and don’t be a Dirtbag, it’s Art!

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Photography by Crystal Lopez @eyesonuphotography

Creative Direction: Diana Diaz


  • Your stories feel like a series of anthologies, of a woman who dives into hidden and powerful feelings many woman may share, exploring sexuality and physical power. Keep using your talent by brining us your beautiful images and short stories.

  • Diana,
    Your animated, comical , passionate, talented, and fierce . It takes a woman with guts to speak their mind and empowers us with showing awareness of Panocha power. . I have never allow a strong man to control my inner passsions. I came from a free mother but , unfortunately my mother stop blossing for a period of time due to her ex hubsand. Now as a new wife with a better support system my mother is balance and full of life.. She has accomplished being skillful in many passion hobbies including fitness. Diana your one of kind a well rounded Aquarius just like my mother & more. You influence & inspire many. I love working with you. I get your vibe 100 percent.

    Thank you Panocha Queen. Que Viva La Panocha!! With Love… Your PHOTOGRAPHY wing gal..

    Crystal Lopez
  • Arriba Las Mujeres 👏👏 Amen to Pussy Power🙏❤️ I’m thankful & grateful for my Mother whom accomplished many wonderful things in life and has been a great example for my Sister and I.

    Many of her talents, desires, & hard work has made her the person she is today! Sometimes I feel like I have so much of my Mexican Panocha to offer, It puts a smile on my Hubby’s face! With this being said, Wether your a Single Parent or Married. Behind every man, there you have a Powerful Woman!!! Thanks Diana for sharing your Sensual side and empowering woman to embrace their Panocha🔥

    Rosio Borunda
  • Poncha Power is a way if life that women should most definitely embraced. My mom was a women who I saw growing up who didn’t embrace it. Don’t get me wrong she was strong Mexican women, but submissive to the machismo. Fuck that! is my reaction as a young girl. I seek out women on screen and in real life to learn their pussy power ways. One in particular is Maria Felix, now that’s some poncha power. I embraced my panocha power, and tested it out and found my way of life. Never going back! This blog right here I resinate with. Thank you for sharing you poncha with us! Ayyyyeeee!!!!

    Lisette Solis
  • I appreciate your openness it’s very real. My mom and I’m sure many other peoples moms are very conservative. Then they wonder why their daughters hook up with such losers. That’s because our mothers never taught us the power of the panocha. If women were more comfortable in their skin I strongly believe men would not be able to take advantage of some women as much as they do. Lately it’s also becoming very much the power of the nalgas.


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