“The strongest actions for a woman are to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could.”


When I showed my Mexican mom my pictures and told her about the purpose for my blog, she hesitantly approved by saying, “Esta bien, pero no vayas ha ensenar las chichis ni la panocha.” I Laughed!   I love hearing that word “Panocha” I also love the variations of that word in our Spanish! El Pan!  Pan caliente, pan dulce, la Pepa, La Pulpa, Uuuuuuuyyyy!  At the market, I read  “Large Panocha 89 cents a lb”. How sexy that they chose to use Panocha instead of Piloncio?!  That produce guy is a Chicano Dirtybag, de seguro!.   

“Okay madre!” I agreed, “No voy ha ensenar chichis ni panocha”, but in my mind I was thinking, she didn’t say anything about NALGAS! LOL! I know, what a dirtbag I am, but it’s nothing dirty at all! Everyone I know loves NALGAS!  So I'm going to fill my house with Nalgas and share my Nalgas with you!   Porque ha quien no le gusta una buena NALGA!


and hey! Know your power, "PANOCHA POWER"!


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 …and don’t be a Dirtbag, it’s Art!

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Photography by Crystal Lopez @eyesonuphotography

Creative Direction: Diana Diaz


  • You are so creative and not just with amazing style but comical too. I look forward to checking out other topics on your blog.

    Maribel Valdez
  • Mujer!!! I love this!!! Your sense of humor is much needed! 🤣Keep doing you!!! ❤️

    Sara Puma
  • Wow beautiful and very sweet relevant story of our ELA community.

    Carlos Montes

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