I was looking through some old photos the other day and found an old picture of my mom’s ass circa 1990. What a great ass my mom still has!  I photographed her way back when I used to be a good girl, all inocente and virgin (te lo juro).  Watching novelas was our family entertainment, our ritual.  We were pobres  and that was our cine.Apagen las luces y venganse todos!”, my dad often hollered. Trini (my mom) would stand in front of the TV during make-out scenes because “estan pecando!" We were super religious back then. So religious that they made me believe that sex was a sin.  In a novela we watched together, one of the characters appeared pregnant by a man she didn’t ever live with and I asked my mom about it. How could that happen?  “Esa se puso los calzones de ese muchacho y por eso se embaraso” she said.  "Ohhhh... that explains how Jesus was conceived!" I remember thinking.   And yo mensa... "I’ll never do that” I told her, but i am not ashamed to admit that I eventually did and I still do! Hahaha…  Anyway, this was my only form of sex education until 10th grade, when I finally forged my mom’s signature for the first time in health class!   I was dying to learn about sex! Finding that picture I took of my mom’s ass made me realize that I have always been a dirtbag and there is nothing wrong with that!

 My mom and a few judge me (believe it or not), because I like to talk about sex. I talk about it because, I don’t think that sex is shameful, or dirty. I think it’s beautiful, healthy, romantic and very inspiring.  Some of us need it!  It is something that we should all be talking about. Don't you agree? I'm sure more victims would be willing to report abuse and this might help prevent abuse of someone we love.  Most of my family and close friends,  agree that educating and the elimination of shame is healthy and empowering. They are all dirtbags and I love them! 

That’s why I like to talk about nalgas.  I have always been fascinated with nalgas and im not ashamed to say that I love nalga. Me encantan tus nalgas! I love all nalgas

…especially my own!

I’m not religious anymore, but I do believe in god more than ever now because I feel so blessed with all your support you have given all of us at The Goddess Mercado and The Queer Mercado.  These carefully curated mercados are a monthly safe space  that is putting all of us to work and creating jobs for our youth in East LA. Join us, sponsor a student, start your brand with us,  or showcase your talent and help us grow!

Thank you for still reading and for your inspiring and empowering comments


Picture I took of my mom's beautiful ass while she cleaned kitchen window  circa 1990

My beautiful mom vending at the swap meet. My father designed and constructed beautiful retro velvet for very appreciative customers.


Vending weekends at the swap meet

I get it from my momma!

My momma has always been my number #1 supporter. Be good to all mothers!


  • Reading tus cochinadas … sin vergüenza … I love it!!! Ciaaaooo 🎉

  • So adorable to see these photos and read your blog . Its amazing how we become our parents. Such a funny story.. you should take your mom to queer mercado that will open her up 100 percent. I see that she doing it baby steps. Good Job !! Keep your stories coming..miss ya

    Crystal lopez
  • NALGAS are blessing, love mine and love smacking yours!!! Lets embrace the beauty of SEX and of NALGAS, should not be a shameful thing to talk about!!!

    Thank you for always keeping it real Marica!! Love you!!

    Carolina Velasco
  • Love it!!

  • Yes! I love this!


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