"The most important thing a woman can wear is confidence"


Se va ha enojar mi Tapatio, but I’m going to come clean! There are two loyal chiles that I keep around for emergencies or a just in case (cuz a girl needs a fresh chile de vez en cuando).  Serrano makes my salivary glands scream and I can’t keep it in my mouth too long.  Pero muerdele la puntita ha un Jalapeno then see and feel how your lips plump up. I hate to admit this but my vanity and tolerance for pain is so big that sometimes I rub a fresh chile on my lips just to plump them up.  That’s what these expensive lip plumpers do anyway!  Try it!  - Labios Inchados Organicos. Pero lavate las manos Cochina and be careful not to get it on your eyes or on your crotch. Ouch!

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Photography: Crystal Lopez @eyesonupphotography

Creative Direction: Diana Diaz

Dog: Chilito Chihuahua

Inspiration: Tapatio Hot Sauce- Hot Tapatio on the label!

 Clothing, Dishware, linens: IN THE MAKING BOUTIQUE- A non-profit that provides jobs, mentoring, enrichment, and inspiration for East LA youth. Please donate or purchase gently used clothing at @inthemakingla_boutique.



  • I love that chile necklace!

  • I love that chile necklace!

  • Did I tell you how much these Blogs are giving me Hot Flashes? Lol!

    Dale Gas, Gurl!I think I need to make that Chile Necklace come to Life for you! You are literally on Chile Fire!

  • Total latino red shoe diaries. I love your story telling as it’s sensual and passionate with a twist of cochina. You can feel and visualize the sensation of the chile’s😁and what can transpire from the fiery first bite, taste! Keep em coming D!

  • I love how your story starts sexy and then your ending twist finish with humor. You are a natural writer Diana . A woman who entices the mind and allows our imagination to take us places. Keep it coming. I cant wait for the next one.

    Crystal Lopez

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