Hey huevona! Get your ass up girl!  Yeah, I know, starting a business is scary! Honestly...? It's mostly, a lot of work! Huevona, don't be afraid! Because guess what? Your community will help and support you. Are you ready for a buena chinga? You are about to get your ass kicked!  Cuz it's a ton of work!  Some have told me,  "I rather sit on my sofa, rest, and just do nothing, than do what you are doing!"  Well that all sounds nice, but I rather learn. I want to grow and evolve. Why not work hard, stay active, and try to make it fun?! But it has to be something you love (I love purses)!  

Hey huevona! Don't get all offended! I also have many huevona days. Those have been some of my favorite days.  I love huevona days because this is when I get to think and plan. I do love being a huevona, but I rather be a chingona

Get your ass up huevona! We need you!


Meet some new chingonas who have joined The Goddess Mercado 

5/8/21 9am-3pm at 1426 Maple Ave in DTLA

(click on name to see what each created):

Artist: Marisela Avina


CEO: Noel Reyes

Photographer: Crystal Lopez

Entrepreneur: Guille Ramirez

 Artist: Andrea Ramirez

Boss Lady: Amy Frias

Food Stylist: Nicole Presley

Hot Salsa Brand: Rocio Borrunda

Herbalist: Marja Oliden

Healer: Cristina Galvez Ph.D

Developer of beauty products: Karla Izquierdo


Bee Keeper:  Annay Serrano


  • Huevona days are okay sometimes but I’d rather be ballsy 😜

  • OKAY OKAY!!! I’m getting up. CHINGONA MOVES ONLY!! Time to achieve our dreams!

  • Lol Amiga, you’re too much.

  • And then we have you an inspiration and Motivation Amiga to say Goodbye Huevona days… Here comes la chinga🔥🤑🤑🤑🤑 Thank You Diana for being You!!

    Rosio Borunda
  • Yes, I have the Huevona day’s also. But I rather be active…

    Amy Frias

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