“I am mine, before I am anybody else’s”

Infiel Desgraciado


Querido Amor,

Perdoname and please take me back!  This time it’s true!  I will promise to never do it again.  Forgive me my love! Pardon my infidelity! These senseless majaderias, and obsurd cochinadas.  Te juro that my mom, she raised me right.  I'm sorry that I ignored and neglected you.  Sin pensar, I gave myself to another, instead of choosing you.  Disculpa este gran engano, fue un error. Give me another oportunidad! Te lo juro! (Muahhhh…)  Pero mira, cross my heart! No fue mi intencion! How stupid it was for me to hide you and pretend that you didn’t exist.  Amor, have no doubt! Esta vez no no vuelvo atras!  Yo ya me deje de parrandas.  No mas tardeadas, ni babosadas. Creeme, ya deje de pendejadas.  You will no longer feel insecure.  Sweetheart, I promise to never deny you. Ya recapacite! 

Ya reconozi!

Ya se, that there is nothing better than loving ME!


Creative Direction: Diana Diaz 

Photography: Crystal Lopez @eyesonuphotography

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      • My first response to your question was, no I haven’t cheated. But now I know better. Sadly, yes I have been unfaithful to myself. In learning not to put myself in second place some people have chosen not to be in my life and that is okay with me. Love yourself first! 😘😍

        Auntie Tina
      • Yes!!! Let’s all stop cheating on ourselves! We deserve all the 💗💗💗!

        Ana Iris
      • Me Encanto ! Always love you before any other soul ♥️ We want more 🥰 💋

      • Toda una actriz de los vídeos de el commander 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

        Elva Gomez
      • These keeps getting better & better amiga!! Síguele!!! I can’t wait for the next one!! 💋


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