Hand Tooled, Not Embossed!

I have very fond memories of the bolsita Mexicana my grandma would gift me every time she visited me from Mexico.  I had a small collection of them because I have always loved purses and these were the nice. They were leather and they were very affordable because we would purchase them with pesos.   The cost was equivalent to a dollar so my dad would always buy a purse for me and one for my sister during our short trips across the border.  My purse line is a very colorful modern makeover of the traditional tooled leather bolsita from Mexico.   

Every single one of our products are hand-tooled, not embossed!  Meaning that our leather is actually carved out versus stamped.  The tooling is a labor intensive craft taught to many generations.  This type of artwork, beautifies leather hide and is part of our beautiful  and ingenious traditional cultural creative customs.


  • Dónde puedo comprar esas carteras

    Anabel García
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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