El Sereno is a community that has loved, educated, and supported me. It is where I went to school, where I worked, and where I currently live.  El Sereno is a beautiful valley with rolling hills where many Chicanos I know, stay.  There are many community celebrations where we celebrate culture with displays of street art, homegrown music, street tacos, sports,  and activism.  El Sereno is full of spirit, faith, love, beauty, y mas!  Many of my home based customers and supporters have roots or still currently live in El Sereno.  Many of my friends grew up in El Sereno.  Many of the stories I will be sharing on my blog have to do with the people of El Sereno.  I am so glad I choose El Sereno as my home!


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • It’s so funny ,you most watch till the end. My fabulous friend is talented. You most follow her. Subscribe now!!!

    Leticia Arciniega
  • I enjoy this so much! You make my day girl.. I can’t stop laughing! All shapes and sizes of chiles lol .. girl you are amazing! Keep bringing joy mujer!

  • I love this!! Woman you inspire me so much.💕

    Maribel Valdez
  • I’m happy to hear you’re from El Sereno, I’ve lived here all my life it’s home to me as well. Although I didn’t go to Wilson HS, I did attend Sierra Park and ES JR high, I graduated from Our Lady of Loretto. I have purchased the Dodger blue fanny pack, I wear at Dodgers games as well as at the roller rink. I will be purchasing a hot pink bag for my birthday from my husband lol.
    I love all your products and will continue to support your business.

    Julie Milam

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