"The most important investment of our time is in our community and our youth"

"The most important investment of our time is in our community and our youth"

My participation in the all Latina Goddess Mercado was very empowering for a young girl like me. Everyone was so sweet and made me feel welcomed. Honestly, I didn't expect that! I now feel incredibly fortunate to be a young Latina from this neighborhood. As a new businesswoman I felt like I had a lot of support at this new market. Seeing so many boss Latina women doing their thing really made me feel like I belong to this community. I feel that as Latina entrepreneurs we face similar barriers and struggles.  It felt good to know I was around relatable women that I could share experiences with . I am happy that I am now part of this community!

I am a student and reside in Boyle Heights. I started my business last august to help distract myself from all the crazy things going on in the world. Then I found my love for baking and making sweets by exploring other things I could make to help grow my business. My educational goal is to become a child psychologist and help children through emotional barriers and trauma so that they can succeed in school and life.  Thank you for supporting me at our next #thegoddessmercado!

Jenni Sierra- I am the owner and creator of Please follow me and support me by placing your next sweet order with me or visiting my booth at our monthly all Latina  @Thegoddessmercado.

@Thegoddessmercado at 1426 Maple Ave in DTLA

In efforts to support and encourage Latina entrepeneurialship and empowerment in our community, 323MARKET has agreed to sponsor participation of Latina high school students at our monthly events.  We are accepting applications for one free vendor spot at our monthly market. Must be a Latina high school student that is creating their own artwork or product at home.  

Please apply only in person at our next monthly market. See Diana at @mexichiccrafts booth.

"Mujeres unidas nunca seran vencidas"






Thankful for our all of our mothers, sisters, and teachers who have guided us and made us the women we are today. We need to share our stories in order to empower other women.

In Los Angeles


THE GODDESS MERCADO: Come meet a group of women who are crafters, creators and entrepreneurs. They all do this from home! Some are full-time mothers and employed. These chingonas are witches, goddesses and storytellers (one blackbelt).  You will see that these chicanas are fearless, hardworking,  passionate, loving,  and strong.  It just so happens that they are all absolutely  gorgeous and fabulous.  What I love the most is that they all have very strong roots in my "hood".  Come to our monthly The Goddess Mercado.  Join us, support us,  eat some local food vendors and  have some fun! This for sure will continue help empower and build community.

Thank you for allowing us to create a safe space where we can meet, greet, eat, chat, shop, empower, and have some fun in our home town


Market is second Saturday of the month, 9am-3pm.

The Goddess Mercado


Meet the mujeres of The Goddess Mercado:



Grace- Creator of Dusty Rose Creations



Maribel-Creator of of Non Profit Organization- In The Making Boutique





Jessica- Creator of La Pant Mami



Diana- Organizer of The Goddess Mercado


Angela- Creator of Diosa Glam Cosmetics


Eyra- Creator of Chicana/Yucatecan Romantic Fashion line CEIBA


Carolina - Creator of LA GIRL TIE DYE  

Lisa- Creator of ILAMENTS



Monica- Student and Creator of MY DISENOS



Jenny- Student and Creator of  SWEETS BY JENNY 


Bios on these women will be featured in upcoming stories!

Thank you to all my old friends, and new friends.  I feel super supported and loved by you.  Please continue to support our small businesses and our Goddess Mercado by:

Posting pictures, tagging our handles and #goddessmercado, comment on our posts, share our product with friends, comment below on your experience at our monthly goddess mercado.

Unfortunately we are vendor capacity and are not accepting vendor application at this time.

You can be added to our vendor waiting list by emailing

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