Some of my friends are in Mexico or Vegas right now! Others are out with their loved ones because quarantine is finally over! Yaaaay…! Luke (my son), and I have been trying to squeeze in the fun, so I took a huevona break from my blog. “What’s going on? Get to work!” a few of my supporters told me because I haven’t been posting stories. That is so nice that they actually read them! Lol! But I promise you that you will not be disappointed!  Girrrrrl!  I have been working non stop!  Pero you know how it is? Especially for us mothers?! Que the kids, que the dogs, que the familia and all that stuff that is actually a priority!  I’ve had to cut back on time with my friends, but I still love them and I miss them always. I even had to recruit a few to join my pop ups just so I could still spend time with them. Hahahah! I’m a good at sales! I love you girls!!!   It’s true, “when you are doing something you love, it’s not work.”  I LOVE working and creating and I don’t want to stop! So I am taking better care of myself, and yeah, I’ll share with you. This will be good for my own accountability and with hope that it will inspire you to do the same. This way, we can all have more energy to LOVE more! Because who doesn’t love LOVE?



***Come to The Goddess Mercado at our permanent location, this Saturday and every second Saturday of the month to see what a group of my friends created!


THE GODDESS MERCADO 2nd Saturday of every month sponsors a K-12 student entrepreneur.  Volunteers from In The Making Non Profit help with branding, logo, marketing and promotion.

THE QUEER MERCADO 3rd Saturday of every month promotes eliminating shame in the latinx community by providing a safe market space where LGBTQ can proudly develop their brands and business. This is the first latinx Queer permanent collective in East Los Angeles.


Many thanks to our partner, LAUSD for empowering, and inspiring us mujeres, queers, and our youth!



  • Gurrl! Everyone needs a break and i know you’ve got this!! Xo

    Besides, where would we be without self care and TLC??

    Super exited for the following mercados!!

  • Que la (chingada) like my mother would say…

    Yes, this week I’ve been booked back to back and you did recruit me … lol I do have fun and the girls are so much fun.

    I won’t be participating per say as a vendor but, I am going as a loyal SHOPPER to retail therapy my ass, dance a lil, at The Goddess Mercado YES! (Do we have a beer 🍺 garden?)

    Because yes running a business is a full time gig and I just wanna have fun. I’ll see you at the Mercado and can’t wait to shop, connect, contribute and grab my very own gold FANNY pack!!!

    Christina Galvez Ph. D
  • Diana always up to something. I love it!

  • Orale! You go girrrlll!

  • Exciting news! I am so happy for you keep it up Diana, take care of yourself and don’t forget to keep your fans updated! 💋💋


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