How to be a fabulosa?

First of all, if you are reading this, then you already know you’re a fabulosa. You probably just want to make sure that I got it right? Fabulosa is the Spanish translation of fabulous but they do not mean the same thing.  You can look up fabulosa in the Spanish google dictionary and I promise you will be unable to find it. I tried and it kept giving me the definition for fabuloso but no fabulosa!  So I decided to share with you what I refer to as fabulosa.

A fabulosa is one that expresses herself confidently, thoughtfully, and fearlessly through visible self expression, self care and self-development. A fabulosa does this through her fashion, her hustle, self empowerment and her overall femininity!

If you want to be a fabulosa you must use all of your feminine super powers. You know what they are! But in case you need a reminder: Your superpowers are everything and anything you like about you. If you like very little about you then guess what? You won’t have very many super powers! If however, you have many things that you like about you, guess what then? You will have many super powers! Do you want to maintain all your superpowers?

Try this exercise right now:

 Look in the mirror but also look deeply. Do you like what you see? Are you happy with your level of education, physical health, mental health, level of fitness, relationships, your job, haircut or hair color, etc. ? If there is something that you don’t like about you, then do what a fabulosa would do.  She would start working on it, investing in it, or changing it! A fabulosa takes massive action and  changes all her negative thoughts and experiences to positive thoughts and plans for action.   A fabulosa would definitely get up and get to it!

You gotta put in the work, if you want to be a fabulosa!



  • Thank you for giving the term Fabulosa a true and powerful voice. If Fabuloso is the only word recognized up to now, I’m glad be so loud about bringing my Feminine Super Powers to life everyday day. Because I don’t identify with a cleaning product. I identify with the Diosa Chingona Poderosa within my Fabulosa exterior 💪🏽

    Elizabeth Luna
  • -I surround myself with Fabulosas!😉💕

  • Very inspirational!! I couldn’t agree more!

    Express yourself don’t repress yourself !


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