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Recently, I found out that there are around 4,000 varieties of chiles in the world. Damn!  That's a lot of chile that I haven't tried! Hay un chingo de chiles willing to give you a variety of enchiladas. They come from different countries. In variety of shapes, textures, and colors. Size does not matter!  Actually, I take that back! You really gotta be careful with the small ones. All tiny chiles are fire. Hijoles, ni me acuerdes! Eat these sparingly and try to save them for caldos. 

With chile, what matters most is how it feels in your mouth. How it tastes and what you are able to do with it (or them).  There are thick ones, smokey ones, wrinkled or dry ones, and sweet ones too. Ay de todo amiga!  You can get really creative with chile!  Pero primero, I suggest you get inspired. Ponte romantica! Ponte chula! Place some flowers in a vase. Play some Bukis o Temerarios music before you start stuffing the chile.  Doesn't this sound sexy?! Well, because I consider myself a chile romantica, I decided to give my Tapatio a break and have some fun with a bunch of local variety of chiles. I spent last Sunday turning and tossing chiles. I chopped, seared, fried, stuffed chiles and tried all my newly learned tricks on them.  You imagine it?! I did it! It was hot! My whole house smelled like chile!  Try having your own chile orgy but don't do what I did...

Juan Gabriel appeared on my playlist y pues, me descuide! I accidently rubbed the chile on my face and couldn’t stop crying!  I was so moved by the music but mostly sobbing over the enchilada que me di. Even after rinsing with cold water, I couldn’t get the chile off my eyes. Ayyyyy, pinche chile!

I'm still down to try other chiles.  Want to join me?

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Photography: Crystal Lopez @eyesonuphotography

Creative Direction: Diana Diaz

Chihuahua: Chilito


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  • picante pero sabrosa!

  • Love it!! I can’t believe how brave you are, I admire you for it. Your are a chica fabulosa!!

  • Muy caliente! I want to try all your recipes. 🌶 🫑
    Also, you are on fire, mujer! With or without chiles!

  • Muy caliente! I want to try all your recipes. 🌶 🫑
    Also, you are on fire, mujer! With or without chiles!

  • I didn’t know there were so many different kind of chiles in the world. Your blog is so entertaining and educational. I love it!


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